ARMS, The Witcher, & Overwatch – Today in Gaming: May 17th 2017

Welcome!     Hello everyone and welcome to Today in Gaming for Wednesday May 17th! Happy hump day everybody, I hope your week is treating you well. Just a few more days until the weekend so let's continue to push through. Without further ado let's get started! Dominate the Open World  A new trailer for … Continue reading ARMS, The Witcher, & Overwatch – Today in Gaming: May 17th 2017

Thoughts On: Overwatch

Overwatch, the latest game by Blizzard Entertainment, breathes vibrant life into a team based first person shooter. Released just a few days ago this game has been at the front and center of most gamers minds the past few months. Overwatch brings with it characters rich with personality and beautiful environments set all over the … Continue reading Thoughts On: Overwatch

Overwatch Collector’s Edition

    Well, at last my package for one of the most over-hyped(deserving) games in recent memory has finally arrived. It was killing me having to wait the few extra days to get it, with everyone around me constantly playing it and always talking about it, I really just couldn't stand it. So without further … Continue reading Overwatch Collector’s Edition