Hello everybody and welcome! It’s been a while since the last Collection Corner. I find it hard sometimes to find the time to do these and the collector’s editions just keep piling up. Maybe I should just burn through them sometime this week and do something with it all – maybe. Anyways, this is a collector’s edition that just came out of the blue for me. I wasn’t even really expecting it to be a thing but the moment I discovered it I knew it had to be mine. That collector’s edition is the 10 year anniversary edition for Bioshock.

The Game

Honestly the game isn’t really anything special when it comes to what is included in this collector’s edition. It’s just the standard copy of “Bioshock: The Collection”, a version of the game that came with all three titles in the series, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite. Along with the game came a few paper inserts in the main collector’s box itself. One being a certificate of authenticity for the the collection itself, and the second being a coupon for a discount on any item in the 2k store. I can probably use that code for some interesting toy or some other collectible in the future. Sadly, I already own this game so that’s not much use to me. I mainly bought this collector’s edition for the amazing statue that came along inside of it.

The Statue

Oh my, I am so happy to have this item added to my collection. I’ve always loved Bioshock ever since the initial release and almost instantly fell in love with the whole design and concept of the Big Daddys and Little Sisters. The bulky Big Daddy has always been a terror when playing the original BioShock. I mean what do you do when this hulking beast comes barrelling towards you with a drill pointed right at your face? They really knew how to throw those things in at tense moments. Then there’s the little sisters, once cute little girls turned into adam harvesting tiny monsters. I love what they did with explaining their purpose in BioShock 2 and gave them an unsettlingly aura about them. Anyways, this statue features both of these great characters in amazing detail that gets me excited just thinking about it.

You may even recognize the scene in which these two characters are portraying. This statue perfectly mimics the original box art for the very first BioShock game. From the little sister in a pose that’s ready to harvest Adam, to the splash of water underneath the big Daddy’s heavy boot – even to the beautiful underwater city of rapture behind them. Every detail in this statue perfectly reflects that of the box art and brings with it a ton of fond memories of my first playthrough. My favorite part is how it brought a work of art alive and gives new perspective on it, I mean it’s 3D now and you can really inspect the surrounding features and gaze into a scene of rapture.

I find it hard to find anything I do not love about this statue. The statue itself is surprisingly only 11 inches tall but in my opinion it feels a lot more massive than that. I absolutely love it when a statue like this features more than just one character and when it depicts an entire scene rather than just a stationary pose that isn’t all that interesting. BioShock’s statue delivers that and a whole lot more. The sculpting and paint job is absolutely stunning, you can see little scratches and chips on the Big Daddy’s suit to obviously show all the hardships and danger of protecting their Little Sisters. You can even notice little hints of rust in their oxygen tanks, and the water – oh my the water is one of my favorite parts. When you look at the box art you may not catch the little splash of water at first and may not even think anything of it. However it’s enhanced with this statue and I love the little effect of it flying up into the air. All around this is a statue I instantly fell in love with. However…. The features do not stop here.

“Come on, Mr. B, time to find some angels.”

Aside from being a beautiful work of art, this statue also has a hidden feature where there’s a little switch hidden in the back of the base. Once switched on, you’re in for a nice little surprise. Flip the switch to be greeted with a cute, yet creepy, line of dialogue from the game. The little sister begins to tell her guardian, the Big Daddy – that there are angels in need of finding. This is followed by a loud and aggressive response from the Big Daddy that not only is his only way of response, but is sure to send shivers down the spines of any nearby splicers and maybe even the player themself.

But wait – there’s even more! Both the eyes of the Little Sister and the Big Daddy begin to glow an eerie yellow as his drill begins to spin in place – all while a sinister sound plays in the background. Ah! I get so giddy just thinking about it. It’s one of my favorite battery operated collectibles to date. Now, I won’t have this playing 24/7 but it is fun to show it to any guests of my gameroom. The statue even has an option on the switch to have only the lights on. I really can’t begin to tell you all just how much I love this statue. It’s more than welcome to my collection.

Until Next Time…

Well that wraps up this collector’s edition. I haven’t fallen in love with a collectible this much in a very long time. Even though it’s just one item (the statue), this box is worth every single cent I spent on it and so much more. I’d love to know what you all think so make sure to leave a comment down below. What’s your thoughts on the BioShock series? Which is more horrifying on your opinion – the Big Daddy or Little Sister?

Anyways, I hope to have a few more Collection Corners come out over the next few days. I have so many more collector editions that I want to show everyone. As always, I’ll see you all again next time. Until then – have a wonderful evening!

– Trey

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