“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

    Hello everyone and welcome. I’m back again with another post. However it’s going to be short today as I’d just like to share something rather than discuss or rundown on some big important event and blah blah. So without further ado let’s go.

    I’ve been dying to get a tattoo for the longest time but I never knew what I really wanted. I knew I want to do some kind of giant mural on my left arm as a sleeve. Of course, it’s going to be video game related and I already have a few ideas to incorporate Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and a Gengar somewhere in there. However, it’s difficult for me to be creative and I really need to find some kind of artist to design something for me. Then there’s the issue of time and money that would be sink into it, but hey why not – long term goal right? Anyways back to the point.

    After having a nice breakfast over at a local IHOP with the love of my life, Judith, I saw a tattoo shop and thought to myself “My Paycheck comes tomorrow and I have a couple extra bucks, screw it why not get a tattoo.” She asked if I was serious and again I was just like “*@$# it.” I’ve been wanting a Creed insignia tattoo for the longest time and it wasn’t going to be part of the sleeve so slap it on the other arm for the hell of it. That’s exactly what I did – I found a design I really liked that mixed the stars from AC3, the skull from Black Flag, and the glitch from Unity, and the broken insignia from Rogue. Honestly I’m quite happy with the way it came out and as they say, I’m addicted now and desperately want to get working on my sleeve (any artists out there wanna help ūüėČ).

Until Next Time…

    That wraps it up for today folks. Thanks for taking the time and reading. Nothing else much to say other than to pose the question – “Do you have any gaming related tattoos and what not”. I’ll see you all again in the next post. Until then, have a wonderful evening.


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