E3 With Fury – PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show

Another year, another PC Gaming Show conference. Now, I’m not really a PC guy like I used to be; I’ve barely touched my computer in over a year or so. I’d love to go back to it; maybe there will be something at this year’s conference that will convince me to? Well, without further ado, let’s see what this year has to offer.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Starting with a bang, one of my favorite game series out there, The Chosen, have made their way to Earth in a last ditch effort to put an end to the human race. Three unique and powerful Chosen have come to make life a living hell; the Assassin, Hunter, and Warlock – with powers respective to their names. With War of the Chosen, it is the player’s duty to put an end to these elite soldiers and luckily, you’re not alone. Joining in the battle are three new factions, the stealthy Reapers, ex-alien Skirmishers, and the mighty Templars – but, you must first earn their trust. Travel new landscapes, wield additional weapons, and use new powers to stop the mighty Chosen in this expansion to XCOM – launching August 29th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
I’m so excited for this expansion; I love the series and the Enemy Within DLC for the previous title. War of the Chosen is supposedly the biggest update they’ve ever done for a game, so I have huge expectations. I believe the new factions will change the game’s aspects drastically and the neutral “lost” faction will cause some chaos. Also, it’s interesting that the three chosen will level up alongside the character to pose a lasting challenge. I can’t wait!


Next up in the PC Gaming Show was a very peculiar title made by a studio of only two developers. Ooblets is a very cutesy, artistic game that resembles the aesthetic of “Adventure Time”. Surely, it will warm the hearts of those who play it. Gameplay wise, this adorable game seems blends two of my favorite series together; it’s basically Harvest Moon, where you farm, tend to crops, and watch them turn into precious, little Ooblets. It also resembles a Pokemon-esque game, where you can use the Ooblets you grow in combat. With two of my favorite gaming mechanics combined in a fresh, charming game, I have high hopes for Ooblets, launching in 2018 for PC and Xbox.


Who doesn’t like playing around with powerful, gigantic mechs? Battletech is an upcoming game based in a mecha warrior universe that takes heavy inspiration from old school, table top games. It’s a turn based strategy that takes classic mechanics of line of sight and part damage to provide an immersive experience. Take your customizable mechs into three game modes, including; Campaign, Single Player Skirmishes, and Multiplayer Skirmishes. Now, I’ve never played this genre, but to my understanding, it has a huge fan base and following. Luckily, there is a beta available for sign up at battletechgame.com.


Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Another PC game series that I’ve never played, but I’m interested in, the Mount & Blade series. I’m not very knowledgeable of this series, but I always see large scale battles occurring in the gameplay snippets I’ve seen. From the trailer, it appears like it’s coming back with all of the amazing action and it’s huge army fights. Mount & Blade is another series with a large following, but outside of that, I don’t know much more.

Total War Warhammer 2

Total War Warhammer 2 made an appearance at the PC Gaming Show (obviously). The developers came up on stage to share the development of the game and share a few things with fans. They shared that the game will have 4 different factions and wanted to focus on 2 of them – the Lizard people and the Elves. Even though the factions have the same goal there is still hostility and war between the two races which was shown during their trailer. Total War (like many games shown during this conference) is one I know has a huge following but I just never got around to trying. Maybe I will this time when the game launches September 28th.


Shadowverse Expansion

Who doesn’t love a good old anime inspired TCG? Apparently one streamer is all about it and got the chance to do the world announcement at this year’s E3. Wonderland Dreams is an upcoming expansion to Shadowverse that is bringing with it a ton of new cards. Get ready for the expansion, dropping June 29th.



This year’s PC Gaming Show was brought to you by Intel. That being said a portion of the show obviously had to focus around the company thus comes a whole bunch of sponsored content. The hardware to show it’s face at this year’s conference was the i9 extreme edition processor. This was further shown off with a “pro” Destiny player coming on stage and raving at how wonderful the game was with the power that is Intel.
To close out Intel’s little speech about power and such was the announcement of their partnership with the ESL (ESports League). Intel wants to invest heavily in the ESports scene, but not just with normal ESports. What speaks for power in the PC world these days? VR. Intel together with the ESL are holding the VR challenger league. This competition will be held within the titles:  “The Unspoken” and “Echo Arena” to test players in a whole new way. More info can be found on the VR Challenger League website.


Alright back to the games. Next up a cutesy top down adventure game was shown off by the name of Tunic. The trailer was less than a minute long and only really gave us a look at part of the world as well as a glimpse at our hero for the adventure. The game is adorable and has an art style that looked a lot like Fez but with an additional dimension thrown in there – think Fez but instead of 2D it’s 2.5D. Our hero is an adorable little fox that is on some adventure, coming across baddies along the way. Looks like a small little game that would appeal to those who enjoy the cute style.

Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive made an appearance this year to announce some exciting news for Killing Floor 2. Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic zombie killing experience while listening to some sweet heavy metal – the perfect experience. However it is lacking one feature seen in the previous title and that is the glorious season events that they used to hold. These events always changed things up and made the game new and exciting but have been absent from the sequel. That is until this summer with the Summer Sideshow, an amusement themed zombie hell hole. This limited time event will only be available for one month and brings with it all kinds of goodies including new weapons, new cosmetic items, carnival games, new zombies, and much more!
But wait, there’s more! Tripwire Interactive will be adding weekly challenges to the game in the form of “weekly outbreaks”. This system will add new game modes every single week for the next two months and adds craziness to the game – like headshot only matches and midget zombies! These challenges can be beaten for glorious rewards and seemingly endless fun. I can’t wait to jump into that carnival and kill some crazy zombie clowns. 🤡

Xbox Play Anywhere 

A portion of the conference was given to show a few titles that are enabled with the Xbox Play Anywhere program. Most of these were already announced so I see no reason to go over them individually again. So instead I’ll just quickly breeze through them and see if anything new was announced.
First up was Forza 7 of course. It’s sure to be a powerful Xbox game but an even more powerful PC title. The only new thing that was announced here is that the PC version will have support for all kinds of peripherals for all your driving needs. This was then followed up by Sea of Thieves, a game I’m quite interesting in trying out. The announcement at the PC Gaming Show for this title is that a beta is quickly approaching and you can now sign up for the alpha – I think I’m going to do that. Then on to “The Last Night” another title I’m very excited for. However nothing new was shown, they just talked about how it’s a “deep cinematic experience”.

Finally, Shadow of War made another debut here at the PC Gaming Show. It brought with it the announcement of dlc that is coming for the game – really dlc already? We’re month away from the release c’mon. Anyways we get a look at a new character – Eltariel the Blade of Galadriel. She is a hunter of those affected by the corruption of the rings of power, thus she’ll be after Talion and his ring. She’s pretty badass and is most likely going to be the “femme fatale” or love interest of the story. I look forward to this game.


What, a new game from Bohemia Interactive that isn’t a realistic army simulator or a zombie simulator – madness. Well it’s true and comes in the form of YLands or “Your lands” a survival simulator with a bit of crafting and such thrown in. Now this is a true sandbox game. Not only do you craft items and survival tools but you can craft the world, the story, you craft your own experience essentially. This could be a game that provides endless entertainment and has certainly caught my attention.
The game is currently in the alpha stages and already looks great. Bohemia has plans of bringing it to steam direct in the future and hopefully we’ll get a full fledged release sometime in the next 5 years. Find out more on YLands.com.


Klei is back with a brand new game. You might remember the studio by one of their previous titles “Don’t Starve” which was a huge success. The studio is now going in a different direction with the upcoming “Griftlands” an turn based adventure game. In the short trailer we get a look at the wonderful combat accompanied by a short story of friendship and treasure! That’s right this game looks to focus all around loot and gold as you control a gang of mercenaries across the lands. Look forward to this game coming out late 2017/Early 2018.

Lone Echo

Lone Echo is an upcoming VR game that looks amazing. Interestingly you play as a robotic AI aboard a space vessel that helps the crew with various tasks. That is until something horrible occurs and changes everything. What’s interesting about this title is the way you move about the environments. Instead of using an analog stick or even your legs, it’s all about the hands. In the VR world you use your arms to pull and push yourself around space, interacting with all kinds of objects along the way. This is sure to provide a rather trippy experience and looks like a lot of fun.

But of course there’s more! There is a multiplayer aspect to this game in the form of a space disk tossing game. It’s a competitive game mode that pits two teams of 5 players up against each other to score the most goals and come out victorious. Best of all this component of the game will be completely free on July 20th, giving everyone with VR a chance to play.


Who isn’t excited to see Lawbreakers in the next couple weeks? It’s a fast paced team shooter that has a handful of unique characters all with their own play styles. During the PC Gaming Show they showed off a short video of “pro” gamers talking about the game and their favorite characters along with how verticality is important in this title. They then announced that a PC “Rise Up” beta event is soon to take place. Starting June 28th the closed beta will begin with an open beta starting two days later on June 30th. This allows everyone to try out the game before it’s released later this year on August 8th for only $30.
Lawbreakers looks pretty cool. I really like the character design and maybe it’ll be a game to finally rival Overwatch both in gameplay and with a lovable and diverse cast. I’d also like to say I love the music used in the original trailer and has me pumped for the game. It’s only $30 too, why not give it a shot.

War Groove

Chucklefish is amazing at bringing back my childhood nostalgia. First it was Stardew Valley that I spent weeks playing and reminiscing about the good old Harvest Moon days. They’re back again with more nostalgia, mashing together two of my favorite games back in the day. Wargroove is essentially Fire Emblem meets Advanced Wars. Ahhh it looks so nice and honestly takes the best aspects of the games and refines them into a wonderful experience, just as they did with Stardew Valley.
At the PC Gaming Show they showed off just how easy and powerful their Battlefield Creator system is. They literally created a full map with units and placements in just under 2 minutes. But it goes further than just that. Players can actually create their own full campaigns with the creator. You can create the story, the path it follows, and even special “hidden” paths that can be found. Ah I love you Chucklefish.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition

To close out their conference, the PC Gaming Show had one last special announcement to make. This announcement was the HD remaster of the original Age of Empires with a whole bunch of new bells and whistles attached to it. To celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary it’s getting a makeover. All of the assets in the game are being completely remade for this remaster, from the music being re-recorded to all new 4k UHD visuals. The definitive edition will also feature new levels of zoom, Xbox live multiplayer, and improved gameplay. Age of Empires is an old strategy game that I used to love and I’m glad it’s being brought back. One last thing, you can sign up for a beta test of the game in their website ageofempires.com.

My Thoughts

I’m sure if I was still a PC guy this conference would have been amazing, but sadly it’s a lot of stuff I either don’t know a whole lot about or simply don’t care. XCOM Expansion was the best announcement for me, I love the XCOM series and I’m always eager to jump back into that world for more. The new classes look sweet and having a constant threat while playing I’d always a fun and challenging mechanic. Ooblets looks cool too, bringing some of my favorite game types together for a cute little adventure. I mean j love Harvest Moon and I’m always on the lookout for new games that are similar but change the formula up a little. Oh oh, I’m always excited to see VR enter the realm of ESports, that’s like a whole new level.
All in all the PC Gaming Show was a great conference and is obviously for those deep into the ecosystem. For anyone else out there with even a slight interest in PC Gaming it’s cool but nothing too big. I enjoyed it and like looking at all those interesting strategy games however, overall it’s just not for me.

Until Next Time…
It’s a week late but oh well. The PC Gaming Show is now over and eventually I’ll get into the next conference. So what did you think of the PC Gaming Show? Be sure to let me know down below and I’ll see you all again next time for the Ubisoft conference. Until then, have a wonderful evening.
– Trey

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