Hello everyone and welcome to Today in Gaming for Friday May 19th 2017! Happy Friday everyone, thank goodness we have the weekend to now look forward to! So without further ado let’s get this started!


Free Xbox Live Weekend

Microsoft is gracious enough to grant all Xbox gamers a free weekend of gold membership. The service is required for gamers to play online and grants a number of other perks for those that pay up the monthly/annual fee. You may want to jump on this opportunity ASAP though as it is already happening and will last until this Sunday, may 21st. To go along with this free weekend or gold, Microsoft is also unlocking Minecraft for anyone to play over the weekend, completely free! Act fast and play as much multiplayer as you can as this deal ends in just 2 days.

PSN Flash Sale

Good news EU PSN users, there is finally another PSN Flash Sale just for you! The sale is themed on “Digital Favorites” and includes a wealth of titles. On PS4 you can grab games like Goat Simulator, Transistor, and Roque Legacy all for as low as 70% off. The only restriction for this sale which I mentioned earlier is the limitation to the EU PSN store, but if this applies to you then go wild and get some cheap digital experiences.

Overwatch Anniversary Details

Plenty of details came out today to show some interesting rewards that will be coming with the Anniversary Event for Overwatch. Let’s do a quick run down of some of the announcements.

The Latin America Twitter for Overwatch posted a short video of some of the dance emotes coming to Overwatch. In the video you can see Sombra, Lucio, Zenyatta, and Symmetra bust a move in front of the cast of Overwatch. I personally love these emotes and look forward to unlocking them, they just add a sense of fun and silliness to the game.

Then from the Japanese Twitter for Overwatch we have a short video that shows some of the new costumes that will be added with the event. The skins shown include Bastion, Zarya, Soldier 76, and Pharah. All of these look pretty weird, with Pharah and Bastion being the only normal looking skins out of the bunch. However, Zarya looks more like somebody wearing a space/super suit while Soldier 76 has gone down a more “cyborg” level. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg and we get a whole lot of new skins.

Finally we have the France and English Overwatch twitters with their own pieces of news. France announced a few new maps that will be added to the game to spice things up while the PlayOverwatch Twitter posted some brand new lines of dialogue that will be in the game. You can listen to that Here. Don’t miss out on the anniversary event May 23rd and the game going free for a limited time!

Shadow Warrior 2 Console Launch

Shadow Warrior 2 has finally made it’s appearance on consoles after a year of being exclusive to the PC. You may be asking yourself “Trey I thought you did game releases on Sundays?” Well that’s true, but this is a special occasion. Not only is the game finally launching on PC, but it is discounted for the next two weeks dropping the price from $40 to $35 (not much but it’s something). But wait there’s more! Everyone who purchases the game from now up until June 2nd will receive the first Shadow Warrior completely free! Two games for just $35, that’s not bad at all and this opportunity is perfect to jump into the series, don’t miss out!

Grab a copy of Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade are currently being given away free by GOG.com! This classic action game is normally $10 but in order to promote the finals of Mount & Blade: Warband’s esports tournament, The Battle of Bucharest GOG is giving the game away for free. To go along with this, the company is also discounting all Mount & Blade games and dlc by a whopping 75%. This includes Warband and makes it only $5. If you’re a fan of the series or want to try it out, now is your chance, but act fast, both the free offer and discounts are only valid until May 21st.

Play Infinite Warfare for Free…

… This weekend… And only on PC – But still! Free weekend right? Steam is hosting yet again one of their famous free weekends where gamers can play a game for free over a few days and decide if they like it enough to make a full purchase. The game up to bat this time is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and is allowing players to try the experience from now until Sunday evening as always. As per usual, to go along with this free weekend, Steam is currently having a franchise sale themed all around Call of Duty, discounting all titles including Infinite Warfare. If anything, it’s a free game to try this weekend, what could it hurt to give it a shot?


Until Next Time…

Thank you all for joining me this evening for another day of gaming news. Tons of free weekends happening soon, Infinite Warfare, Overwatch, Minecraft, so many things to play – so little time. So, what are you planning to play this weekend? Let me know below and I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful evening!
– Trey

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