Hello everybody and welcome! It’s been quite a while since the last Collection Corner, mostly because I’m just far too lazy to take the pictures I need for these. Anyways, as I was cleaning my room the other day I figured I should move some boxes out of the way and finally take some pictures before sending them off to storage. So without further ado here goes the first of a few upcoming pieces.

Little Black Box

Android’s black boxes are a pretty important aspect of Nier Automata. It’s essentially their core and houses who they are. This is why the packaging for Nier Automata is so wonderful. Just a silky smooth black box with the game’s title and logo. Sure, it’s always annoying when there’s a box within a box within another box but, at least it was done expertly with this game.

Upon opening the black box you’re instantly​greeted with a few goodies. First and most important is the game of course, housed in a beautiful steelbook nonetheless. It’s another simple design(something I’m a fan of) where one side has artwork of 2B, 9S, and A2 while the other side is a solid black with the game’s logo once again. I really love the artwork on this case, the amount of detail put into the character designs is superb. But it doesn’t stop there, inside the case are even more goodies.

If you’ve read my Soundtrack Showcase Disc One then you would know that the original Nier had some of my favorite music in video games. It’s just so magical and the vocals are hypnotic and capture my attention every single time. I was beyond thrilled when I opened the game case and saw a soundtrack of live performance music from the game. Now, I’ve seen the live performance before (of course) and I definitely recommend giving it a listen. The music of the game is so beautiful. Emi Evans has such a beautiful voice and sings Niers made up language beautifully in my personal favorite, “Song of the Ancients”. Then we have J’nique Nicole and her wonderful vocals – I couldn’t picture anyone else singing “Weight of the World”. I highly recommend giving the performance a listen, you can watch it HERE.

Beautiful Art

Who’s ready to look at some beautiful artwork? It only makes sense that this would include an art book, I mean the landscapes of the game are always so beautiful and detailed. The artbook is 64 pages and includes pictures of landscapes, a few character design and bios, and some concept for the weapons.

The book itself is hardcover which in itself is always nice to have. Hardcover books are always more durable and honestly look better than a floppy book. Lining the outside of the book is a nice solid black that’s goes along with the whole black box theme with a YoRHa White Command Insignia engraved in the center along with some text in the game’s language. It’s definitely a book that would capture someone’s attention just from the outside design.

Quality of the pages are amazing. As always it’s printed on a high quality glossy type paper on which most artbooks are made from. Each and every one of the 64 pages are full to the brim with stunning illustrations from the game. Shown above is my favorite page from the book. Without saying too much about the story of the game, if you recognize these twins then you know just why I love them. 😉

2B or not 2B

    Now to the meat of this collection. The statue of 2B. Following the trend of this collector’s edition, this wonderful statue comes in yet again another sleek black box with engraved lettering at the top. The box is rather nice and I debated whether I should keep her in the box or not.

However as I thought about it I realized I would never sell any of my collection so their worth isn’t necessarily important to me, thus I removed her from her plastic cage. I’m glad I did as the statue is absolutely gorgeous. Sadly it’s only around 6 inches tall, but where it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for it in quality. Standing atop a freshly slain robot is 2B in all her detailed glory. I’ve inspected the figure to get a close look to the details and found it to be excellent. The detailing in her dress is wonderful, the etchings on her sword are superb, even the weathered look to the robot is absolutely stunning. 2B is a welcome member to my statue collection and I’m glad to have such a beautiful piece in my collection.

Place in my Collection

Ever since I moved into a new place, I have had to condense most of my collection into two bookcases as opposed to the 4 I previously had. This gives me a lot less room for the many statues I have, but I make due. I’ve cleared most of the space at the top shelf of one of my bookcases to make room for the beautiful 2B. She is now among my Resident Evil 7 mansion and a few other collector’s edition pieces that I plan on showcasing very soon. I like her placement and her color scheme goes well with the Baker house.

Until Next Time…

It’s been a while since my last collection corner. I forgot just how fun these write-ups could be. I’m rather passionate about my collection and quite proud of it, I enjoy every moment I can share my passion with someone else. Anyways, have you played Nier Automata? If so, what do you think of it? If not, please at least give the soundtrack a listen, it’s truly an amazing listen. If you enjoyed this, take a look at my other collector’s editions in my Collection Corner series. Thank you all for joining me today and I’ll see you all again next time. Until then, have a wonderful evening!
– Trey

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