Hello everyone and welcome to Today in Gaming for Thursday May 18th, 2017! I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now but in case you haven’t, there is a ton of Destiny 2 news today. So we have no time to delay, let’s get started.

Scalebound Renewed?

    Sadly a few months ago Microsoft cancelled a game that looked promising and would of probably been amazing. That game was Scalebound. Microsoft had dropped their partnership with Platinum and seemingly scraped the title. That was until today when Xbox actually renewed the trademark for Scalebound. Now this of course sparked rumors everywhere, including multiple individuals claiming they have insider information that Microsoft Studio is indeed continuing the project. Can this mean that this game isn’t dead yet or is it just Microsoft hoarding a name? Let me know what you think.

Magikarp Jump

Remember back a few months ago when we saw that tease for what looked to be a Magikarp themed Pokemon app? Well, it’s back again as a full fledged app… But only on IOS… And only in Italy. Essentially the game looks to be a Magikarp trainer where your goal is to have your Magikarp jump the highest. It’s obviously just a silly game for fans of the fish to rave over. Hopefully it does well enough in the Italian market to see a world-wide release.

Life is Strange 2

Dontnod hit a success with Life is Strange. A rather dramatic game where players could make decisions and rewrite history with the unique time control mechanic. The game had a rather definitive ending and a sequel would be the farthest thing from my mind. All fans rejoice as the developers have some big plans. In a special thank you video commemorating 3 million sales dontnod has announced a season two for this fantastic choose your own adventure game. Nothing has been disclosed regarding the game other than the announcement of it’s existence and it’s doubtful well see anymore soon as the studio won’t be attending E3. Are you excited for a second season?

Destiny 2

Bungie had a Livestream earlier today and showed a bunch of details about Destiny 2. Let’s do a quick little run down of everything shown today.
Gameplay wise, Destiny 2 aims to be a “new beginning” for everybody. The first mission was shown during the stream and actually showed the first mission of the game, Homecoming. We have to start somewhere new in 2 right? Might as well have the Cabal Commander, Ghaul, destroy everything the player holds dear. As for multiplayer, it has been changed to 4v4 for all modes. There will also be the regular Trials, raids, and Nightfalls with a brand new system to go along with the changes. The game will launch with multiple new strikes, these new PVP modes, and just one raid to start us all off on.
New (sub)classes! Each of the 3 major classes in Destiny will be receiving new sub routes for players to follow. Warlock will be getting the Dawnblade, a class that uses a devastating flaming sword. Titans will be getting the Sentinel class, with what seems to be a shield inspired by Captain America. The Hunter will be getting the Arcstrider, an electrifying class wielding a staff.
The map system is changing. The new system allows players to launch activities from everywhere, without the need for boring patrol missions. The new launch system includes treasure hunts, activities, and Lost Sector “dungeons”. New planets include Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus.
Thankfully the whole clan system will finally be fixed. There will actually be in-game rosters and customizable banners to show off your clan pride. Then there’s the Guided Games system that allows for better match making for those tidious and difficult end game goals.
Destiny 2 seems to be fixing a lot of issues I had regarding the original (especially the match making). Hopefully this game can achieve greatness and leave it’s mark on history as a excellent sequel. Well see this September 8th when Destiny 2 launches for PC, Ps4, and Xb1.

Until Next Time…

    As always thank you all so very much for joining me in another day of gaming news. So, are you excited for Destiny 2? What about Life is Strange season 2? Be sure to let me know below and I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful evening!
– Trey

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