Hello everybody and welcome! It’s that time again as my collection grows larger!  I have a handful of collectors editions that I would like to cover so look forward to the series making a more frequent return. But anyways, without further ado lets jump in!

Horizon Zero Dawn

  So today’s collection is none other than the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn by the fantastic people over at Guerilla Games. It’s a Ps4 exclusive that takes players on a futuristic journey in a world over run with robotic creatures. I’ve had a blast playing the game so far and can’t wait to get my hands on more.

  In the collectors edition came a special case in which the game is held. Of course this comes in the form of a fantastic steelbook case. First off, the art. I love the artwork on this case, it has a fantastic depiction of Aloy merged with the horizon (ha see what I did there), with the bottom half comprised of a landscape. On either side of the case there are a few dinos that show the threat to be encountered in game. As for quality, its another top notch metallic case that is strong and durable as well as beautiful and easy to display.

  Along with the game disc came along a code for a few pieces of dlc that consists of two separate wrapon/armor sets for Aloy and an exclusive theme for the Ps4. The equipment sets are very nice beginning wise, but once you get further in the game they quickly become obsolete. The theme is great as well, has a nice yellow/orange tone with some great background music when the console is idle.

Mechanical Landscape

  Oh yay, another artbook to add to my vast collection. Let’s start with the whole design/quality of the book itself. It’s hardcover, which is always a good thing, its durable, easy to display,  and all around easier to look at. It also is oriented landscape wise which is my personal favorite, it allows the book to be easily held in one hand and provides an easier way to display. There are 48 pages within that are glossy as most pages are in these books, it gives it a nice little coat to help the pages pop but not overthrow the overall quality.

  As with most art books, this once starts with a few concept pieces that show Aloy in various stages of her life and her interaction with the beautiful game world. I love these pages as most of them have a painting/water color design to them that easily blends in with the page.

  The rest of the book is full of artwork detailing variations of the native’s clothing and armour, landscapes, the enemies within the game, and some weapon designs. I genuinely enjoy the type of artbooks that include a lot of concept art as it allows fans to see how the game progressed over development. It helps to envision what the game could of been as well as inspiration that may have changed the course. All together its a pleasant artbook I am glad to have on display.

Aloy the Huntress

  Finally we’re to the meat of this collectors edition, the statue of Aloy. This one is rather small standing at just about 9″. However, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. This statue is crafted by the people over at Gentle Giant and features a fantastic scene of Aloy’s hunt. At her feet is a slain Watcher with a few arrows still pierced through it’s head, she proudly stands before her kill with a new arrow already drawn. This statue is colorful as all hell, from the tanned earth all the way to Aloy’s bright tribal wear, there are so many colors here that really help catch the eye of any observers. The statue seems to be crafted from PVC and features excellent detailing, the ground is nice and rocky, her boots are nice and detailed to simulate fur, the bow has the smallest notches to indicate wear and tear, even the intricate wiring of the Watcher looks fantastic. Although this is not my favorite statue, I am glad to own something physical from this amazing game.

How it is displayed

  My collection is starting to become overwhelming again, my limited space is starting to become full. I’m going to have to invest in some shelves or something soon. Anyways, the items from this collectors edition are currently up on display on my video game bookcase. It’s a 6 or so feet tall bookcase that houses most of my many… Many games. At the top I’ve placed a few random parts of my collection including my Just Cause 3 grappling hook and my Homefront the Revolution rc car. It’s a nice place up high that further boosts the glory pose that Aloy has. I’m very happy with this collection and proud to have it among the rest.


Until Next Time…

  Thank you all for taking some time out of your day to check out another Collection Corner! I hope you all found some entertainment or what not from this little showcase and hopefully I find the motivation for plenty more to come. Be sure to check out my other collectibles in the link below and I’ll see you all again next time, but until then, have a wonderful evening!
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