Hello and welcome everyone to another thoughts on. Last month’s (July 2016) playstation plus free game lineup included a few decent titles. For the Ps4 we got the stand alone dlc for Saints Row IV, entitled Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell. I enjoyed my experience and would of platinumed it if not for other games that I desperately need to play. It’s a short experience so it didn’t take me too long to finish it, just a short bite sized game I could quickly complete. So without further ado here are my thoughts.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is a stand alone expansion released to accompany Saints Row IV and serves as an epilogue to the events after IV. The game was developed by Volition, published by Deep Silver and released January 20th, 2015(NA). Players can play as either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington on their mission to rescue their boss/president from hell.


Gat Out Of Hell recycles a lot from Saints Row IV. The game uses the super power system from IV, incorporating a new flight mechanic with angelic wings and hell themed weapons and powers. Stomp and blast return but now have new “hellish” properties to empower them. New powers include a summon spell and an aura spell. I enjoyed the powers as they made quick work of many of the enemies. Personal favourites were the Titan summon and the life steal aura, using these together would make you pretty much invulnerable.

One of the things I’m sure that the Saint Row series is known for is it’s over the top weapons and how it doesn’t take the game, or anything seriously. Of course this is back with this title. The games gives us the addition of 7 new hell weapons that each represent one of the 7 deadly sins. The armchairageddon was my favourite, I mean it’s a chain gun attached to a recliner what else could you ask for. Each of these 7 deadly sins weapons mirror their sins perfectly, whether it be money drops from greed, or dazing enemies with a lustful shotgun blast.

The missions, however limited that they were, were pretty fun in this title. They’re all mostly side quests with the exception of the intros to each general of hell. The missions and challenges are just like that from IV but once again recycled with a hell theme to it all. You have torment fraud where you try to cause as much harm as you can to a husk in order to lower their years of torment, a spin on the classic injury fraud of the main series. Then you have survival, flying courses, takeovers, and various waypoints to capture.

Saints Row is a hilarious game series, with the developers poking fun at many topics, including themselves at times. Roaming around the open world you can find some very interesting sights and once I found this location it had me dying. Only in hell would there be a bar for furries only.

The game is extremely short, maybe just 2 or 3 hours if the player were to rush the story. The story is advanced by completing various mission objectives to fill a bar at the top leading up to a showdown with Satan himself. Missions are given by a variety of notable historical figures including Blackbeard, Vlad the Impaler, and Shakespeare, that all share a goal of taking down Satan.

The A/V Club

Being a stand alone dlc for Saints Row IV, Gat Out Of Hell recycles a lot of the assets used within IV. The map is just about the same, the sounds are all about the same, everything just has a nice coating of red and black to transform it into a hell scape. The game is both for last gen (XBOX360, Ps3) and current gen (Ps4, XBONE) and seeing as though I played it on the Ps4, it doesn’t look the best and has a blocky look to it on current gen. I do however like the hell aspect of the game and the flowing lava islands look very vibrant in the skyscape. I had fun flying over the map as it allowed me to find some decent landscape shots, as well as decent views for the large buildings of the game.

The sound of the game is once again recycled from Saints Row IV. An annoying thing, as with most games but more so in this title, is the repeating dialogue from the characters. I mostly played as Kinzie and whilst flying around looking for collectibles she would constantly say something about the landscape and just keep repeating it every few minutes. Other than that, the explosions sound nice, the gunfire, even the voice acting is excellent.

I’ll be honest, I love musicals. I knew there was one in this game, but I was happy to find out it’s one of the first cutscenes you come across. It’s not the best, I mean Johnny Gat’s parts are a tad bit cringey, but hey that’s the charm of the characters and the game.



For what it is, Gat Out Of Hell serves as a pretty good stand alone dlc for an excellent game series. Over the top gameplay and tone is what makes this game a fun little “bite sized” experience both for fans and new comers to the series alike.

Until Next Time…

Another game down, so many more to go. Thank you all for reading my thoughts on the stand alone expansion Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell. As always I appreciate any feedback and would love to know what your thoughts of the title are. I’ll see you all next time, but until then have a wonderful evening.


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