Hello everybody and welcome to another Collection Corner. Recently I’ve been trying to clean and organize my stuff and whilst doing so I have come across a view interesting items I completely forgot I owned. From collectibles to interesting posters, it’s as if I suddenly stumbled into a gold mine. So for the next couple of days I have a few things to share, starting with this special edition of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

    Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is a spin off to the popular Resident Evil game series and take place in between the events of RE2 and RE3:Nemesis. The game was co-developed by Capcom and Slant Six games and is a 4 player coop (or AI controlled) third person shooter released on March 20th, 2012 (NA).

    I haven’t played too much of the game but I do know it’s infamous for its differing reviews both good and bad. I love the design of the characters, the gas masks and cyber look to it all is a personal favourite of mine. I have it planned to eventually play it but I still have so much backlog to catch up with it’ll be a while until I actually get along to it.

    The steelbook is what puts the special in this special edition. The whole thing doesn’t come with anything too special but I do love steelbooks so it’s decent enough. On one side there is an alternative cover art for the game featuring the characters and a city scape, a very sleek design to show off the game, something that really catches the eye. I really like the reverse side for its simplicity. The back of the case is a smooth black colour with the umbrella corps logo in the center with a scratched and damaged design to it.

    A few exclusive dlc’s came along with the game, I’m not 100% sure what they are but I know they include 8 bonus weapons and 6 alternate costumes.

The Patches

    A cool addition to this special edition is the inclusion of these beautiful embroidered patches. They came in a set of two, each representing a faction of the game. One patch represents the USS(Umbrella Security Service) which consists of Vector, Lupo, Beltway, Spectre, Bertha, and four eyes, the cool gas masks wearing badasses.

    The next patch represents the US Special Ops which include Dee-Ay, Willow, Tweed, Shona Harley, and Party Girl. I’m not too well versed in the game so I honestly have no idea who these people are hut hey, their patch is pretty cool.

The End

    Thank you all for reading another Collection Corner and I hope you all enjoyed. I kinda can’t wait to play this game as I like the style of it. What are your thoughts of the game, as always let me know. I’ll see you all next time in the next collection Corner. As always, have a wonderful evening.

– Trey

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