Hello everybody, it has been a while since the last Collection Corner, but I am back yet again with a new addition to my collection. It took almost 2 weeks to get here (thanks a lot gamestop) but I finally have my collector’s edition of No Man’s Sky for the Ps4. I’ve only played about 8 or so hours of this game so far and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I always love the feeling of landing on a new planet and seeing all those new creatures and what not, never gets old even if the game can get very repetitive. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

    No Man’s Sky was just released on August 9th, 2016 for the Ps4 (NA) and August 12th, 2016 for PC (Worldwide). The game was developed by the tiny studio of Hello Games and produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment (Ps4) and iam8bit (PC). This action-adventure survival game was such an immense undertaking by Hello Games, which only consists of a meager 15 employees, the game consists of over 18 quintillion possible planets each with new and unique plants and animals, a unheard of amount for such a small team. 

    The game focuses on a few key aspects, mainly being exploration and trading with various alien species. Players are free to do as they wish, freely roaming from planet to planet finding new materials and crafting recipes to expand their capabilities.
    The collector’s edition package of the game includes a sleek and beautiful steelbook to house the game. This is yet again another simplistic case to go into my collection, it has very eye pleasing colours and the logo of the game to make it stand out which helps it easily fit in amongst my other cases. The gray colour scheme of the case really helps it shine along with the simple pattern that is embossed across the case. The logo on the front is the same one we’ve seen many times before for the game and is beautifully embossed on the cover giving both a nice look and feel to the case.

    A few dlc codes were included in the case, along with a few that were emailed to me. These included a ship, a new multi-tool, 10,000 or so credits, some items for trading, a few blueprints, and an exclusive theme for the Ps4. These items were a decent start to the game, however I found both a new multi-tool and ship within the first few hours of play.

The Comic

    An interesting addition to this collector’s edition is the inclusion of this comicbook. It’s entitled “Adventures in No Man’s Sky” and includes both a short story and a small few page comic strip that work to expand the lore of the No Man’s Sky universe.

    The short story is entitled “Ashes and Iron” and seems to take a darker approach to expanding the lore of No Man’s Sky. It follows a nameless traveller on his struggle on a foreign planet as he faces off both against nature and the metallic threat of the Sentinels. The story is pretty dark, full of someone trying their hardest to fight death with their dream of exploration on the line. I enjoyed the short read as it shines a lot of detail on the Sentinels and their behaviors, as well as some possible patterns of local animal life. A nice little addition to expand game lore.

    The comic is very short, just a few pages and is entitled “Cargo”. It follows a group of Gek traders as they transport mysterious and important cargo. The group is attacked by a group of Vy’Keen pirates forcing them them to flee, leaving one lone Gek who is soon rescued by a few Sentinels. The last remaining Gek trader goes through all measures to make sure the cargo is transported and we soon find out that it is a mysterious alien being transported. They make an emergency landing, the alien thanks the trader for everything he tried as he dies near a monolith, leaving payment for the Gek. The Comic then ends with the Gek trader buying a new ship. The Comic wasn’t anything too special, just a little lore, mainly focusing on the Gek and their trading philosophies.

The Artbook

    No Man’s Sky is a very beautiful game, full of life and swarming with interesting animals and fauna. I really like this artbook as it is not only just a book full of pictures and what not.

    Along with some of the pictures, some pages have a short little description of the inspiration of the team’s work. My favourite is the alien species page, as they explain how they take the usage of various pieces of accessories to make each and every alien somewhat unique compared to others. 

    The ship page is also interesting as it has a few concept pieces of ships and explains that the inspiration for the ships were based on various bug types, which shows a lot with the asymmetrical designs. 

    Also included in the artbook are various plant concepts, animal concepts, and planet design concepts. A very beautiful book to add to my collection.

Until Next Time…

    Thank you all once again for checking out another Collection Corner. I hope you all enjoyed and as always let me know your thoughts and such down below. Have you seen any cool looking animals or plant life? The other day I just found a “bird dog” that looked just like the creature from Last Guardian. Anyways, until next time, have a wonderful evening.


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