Hello everybody, it is I, once again back with another part of my collection. Today I bring to you one that I just got out of the blue. I remember ordering it like a week or so after the game actually came out so I guess it wasn’t that popular. Funny thing is gamestop accidentally sent me two copies of the game so that’s fun. I was never really a fan of the just cause series, I’ve only played the second and third. I do love the destruction in them, that is always fun. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

    Just Cause 3 is the third entry of the hit open world third person shooter franchise: Just Cause. This title stars Rico Rodriquez as he returns to Medici to put a stop to the evil General Sebastiano Di Ravello’s plan of world domination. Released on consoles on December 1st, 2015(NA) the game was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix.

  Included in this collector’s edition came the day one version of the game. With the day one copy comes a couple of dlc vehicles. These included the combat buggy, the minigun racing boat, and the rocket launcher sports car. Nothing too special here, besides the offer to win an actual island. Yeah, taxes and what not on that would be so fun.

The Poster/Map

    Along with this collection comes a double sided poster. On one side we have a nice little action scene featuring Rico Rodriquez. This scene is action packed as Rico grapples away from an exploding building all while a helicopter is chasing him. The poster is bursting with color, a nice mixture of red and blue everywhere. It would definitely capture your attention upon laying eyes on it.

  On the reverse side we have a copy of the in game map. This map shows the various islands of Medici as well as various other important locations for the player to see. I never really understood why games include a physical copy of in game maps. I mean it makes sense if it’s something like Dark Souls where they include a cloth map, but this one just doesn’t have anything special to it.

The Arcade Block Extra

    This little item is a little extra collectible from when I used to be subscribed to a monthly mystery box called Arcade Block. I was really happy to see this item and it’s not bad to add to my collection. We have Rico Rodriquez’s hand outstretched with the grapple deployed in order to hold any kind of sign/papers you could want. The base is pretty sturdy and could probably hold a bit, for me I just have it holding up a Just Cause 3 sign. The box it comes in is pretty nice as well, showing some beautiful artwork from the game.

The Artbook

    Yet another artbook is included in this collector’s edition. For anyone who has seen gameplay from Just Cause 3, you would know just how lush and colourful the islands of Medici are. This artbook includes some fantastic art from the games characters, enemies, vehicles, weapons, environments, pretty much everything is featured in this book.

  Along with the artbook some of the pictures include a short little describtion about the item, giving a nice litttle touch to it. I like it when an artbook gives a little description, whether it be backstory or just some fun little trivia.

  Just Cause is all about mayhem and destruction. That means weapons and all things destructive are of the utmost importance. There’s nothing too crazy in the game, just your usual high caliber rifles and missile launchers. You know, the usual stuff.

The Grappling Hook

  The real meat of this collector’s edition comes with this replica of Rico Rodriquez’s signature grappling gauntlet. The gauntlet comes nicely displayed on a custom stand, keeping it upright as a fantastic display piece. The detailing on the gauntlet itself is great, it has all kinds of scratches and dents in it, giving a real sense that this item comes straight from the game, used and all. My only complaint of this item is the rope of the grappling hook, it is plastic to give it a nice static “action pose” when displayed but it becomes an annoyance when trying to move or set up the display. It’s stiff and hard to properly set up. Other than that I love this item and have it at the top of one of my main cabinets.

The End

  I hope you all enjoyed yet another look at my collection and found some sort of entertainment from it. What are your thoughts on Just Cause 3, did you like it, dislike it, hate it? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you again tomorrow for another collection corner. Until then have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be.


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