Another quite recent addition to my collection is the Uncharted 4: A Thieves End Libertalia Edition. I’m at the end of this game, and playing on crushing mode the difficulty spike is killing me but I should have it finished relatively soon. This was a rather cheap edition and doesn’t come with too much in it, just another thing to add to my collection from a great game series. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

  With a world-wide release on May 10th 2016, Uncharted 4 is an action-adventure third-person shooter released exclusively for the Ps4. “A Thief’s End” is the fourth game in the main Uncharted series and puts a close on Nathan Drakes epic story.

  Included in the Libertalia Edition comes this beautiful steel book featuring art of most of the main characters from the game. On the front of the case we have portraits of most of the main characters, Nate, Sam, Sully, Rafe, Elena, and Nadine, as well as a few of her troops all make an appearance here. I really enjoy the art on the case is a has a very beautiful tone to it. The way it’s printed on the case is also very well done, gives a nice texture to it.

The Artbook

  Although it may be small, this book is packed full of detailed and gorgeous artwork. On the cover we just have a simple picture of Nathan Drake which looks to be from the bridge chase scene. Inside the book is where the beauty really shines. Throughout the pages we have the usual concept art of the main characters, some of the enemy types, and a few of the locations in which you visit.

  Uncharted 4 has some of the most life like characters out there. Not only in the visual style in which they’re represented but also because of how they’re written. You get a sense that these could be actual people. They have real emotions, real connections, everything that you would need to connect on a human level. It’s quite remarkable.

  The Uncharted series has some of the most gorgeous set pieces I have ever seen in gaming. Take for example Uncharted 3 during the airplane crash scene, where you get a look over the vast desert and everything looks huge and beautiful. Then take a look at Uncharted 4 with the clocktower scene. As you climb higher and higher the camera zooms out and you get to see the entire landscape from such a high distance. This scene is breathtaking as the scenario is so lush, so vibrant. I love the set pieces for this game.

The Statue

    Honestly not the best statue I own, I was not 100% happy with how this one came out. The statue features the main character Nathan Drake, on a very nice base of foliage and stone. The statue has a nice paint job done to it, it nicely brings out all the creases in his clothing, wet texture of the stone, and even the bits of blood on Nathan himself. Overall it’s a wonderfully detailed statue that seems to somewhat come alive, my main issue with this piece is the material it’s made of. Now, I’m not 100% sure what it’s made of, but it is definitely made from a different material than any other statue I own. It feels really light despite its size and has a weird texture to it. It’s almost like it’s made of a cheaper material almost. Other than that this is a nice addition to my figure collection.

The End

    I hope you enjoyed this look at one of my newest additions to my ever growing collection. Let me know your thoughts on the game and what not, I’d love to hear them. I’ll see you all again tomorrow for another collection, but until then have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be.

– Trey

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