Hello everybody! Today I bring another large part of my collection. The Witcher 3 collector’s edition. What a great game this is, I only got about 40 or so hours into it before other things came up and pulled me away from the title – but I loved it nonetheless. I’m hoping to soon get the collectors edition of the Blood and Wine dlc so I may start it up once that comes around. I did enjoy this game very much, I played the original and second back on pc and fell in love with it. Thanks collector’s edition is amazing and I hope you enjoy a look at it, so without further ado let’s jump in.

The Box

    I just wanted to take a moment to show just how beautiful this box is. On the outside we have a simple design with the wolf insignia, surrounded by a very glossy black box and red detailing. What makes the box special is what happens when you first open it up. You are treated with signatures of every member of the CD Projekt RED development team. It’s wonderful to see how much this company cares about their product, there’s even a note within that thanks all the players for their continuted support. Just something small but it’s amazing to see.

The Game

    Developed by CD Projekt RED and published by CD Projekt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released world wide on May 19th 2015. The game is an open-world action role-playing game, in which we follow our protagonist Geralt on his journey to find his adoptive ward, Ciri and stop the wild hunt who are chasing her. Winning game of the year for 2015 this work of art is absolutely deserving of it. With over 200 hours of gameplay and beautiful visuals this game is a masterpiece.

  Included in this collector’s edition is a steel book featuring stunning art of the main characters. On one side we have a portrait of Geralt of Rivia with a scene of a battle below him. On the reverse side we have a beautiful portrait of Ciri with a scene of Geralt below her. Although I am a fan of simpler steel book, I do really enjoy the artwork on this one, the colors are vibrant, the characters are beautiful, it’s a true work of art.

The Medallion

    It’s a real shame that I have a pretty bad metal allergy or I would wear this all the time. It’s a beautiful replica of the wolf medallion that Geralt himself wears. Surprisingly the little trinket is a pretty heavy medallion. It has a deep black coating on it, making it very dark and slightly reflective. The chain holding the necklace is also a deep black color and is quite long, fitting almost anybody. Sculpting of the wolf pendant is amazing, the fangs are sharp, the spiked trimming is sharp, it would be a great accessory for any occasion, possibly the perfect item for a Geralt cosplay.

The Artbook

  A beautiful book full of the amazing art from The Witcher. Within the package there is a nice little box with the wolf insignia on the front, this box has a unique feature in which it slides apart from each side. Slide back the covers to reveal the face of the wild hunt, the art book is now before you, full of beauty. It’s a nice hardcover book with very high quality glossy pages used. Each page contains different elements from the game’s world. Some show artwork of the various creatures that Geralt is tasked with slaying. Some show the people in the world and their varying roles within it. Some even show beautiful artwork of the landscapes and environments, even of people’s homes. Along side every stunning art piece is a small describtion of what you’re seeing, this includes important info and even some trivia about your favorite places/people. I love this art book and it’s a pretty large one, I think it looks beautiful. Even the way it came packaged is awesome and I usually keep it in the box.

The Extras

    The following items came with the games default game case and are nothing too special, but nonetheless a part of the collection. I’m not sure if they came with every version of the game so I will just group them here and write a little about each.

  First item up we have the soundtrack from the game. Everyone who has played this title knows just how haunting most of the tracks included are. Composed by polish composers Marcin Przybyłowicz and Mikołaj Stroiński, these tracks are some of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a game in a long time. One point you’re in the chilling track of the hunt, the next you are in an upbeat festival song. There’s just so many epic scores in this title that it’s worth a listen even if you’re not in the heat of battle.

  Next up we have a small compendium of the Witcher Series. This small 12 or so page booklet helps to fill in the player on who Geralt of Rivia is and what the witchers are, as well as a few other important facts. It’s like a quick starter kit to get us accustomed to the lore of the series.

  Lastly we have this small map of the Northern Realms. Nothing too special, just a standard glossy paper map of the game. The art is pretty nice on it, I like the color scheme used and the detail of brown aging is a nice touch.

The Statue

    This beauty is the heavist statue I currently have had the pleasure of owning. Featuring Geralt as he strikes down a Griffin all I can say about it is “Wow”. About 10″ tall, made of polystone, and completely hand painted, this statue is such a beautiful part of my figure/statue collection. The blood on Geralt’s sword, the texture on the Griffin’s wings, it’s all these little details that make this thing absolutely perfect. These hand painted details make the piece so special and brings it to life. I’m honestly afraid of this thing chipping one day, it seems very fragile and would easily smash if knocked over. Proudly displayed on one of my main cabinets, Geralt has a whole shelf just to himself, for good reason too as this thing is massive.

The End

    I hope everyone reading enjoyed this look at a beautiful collection for an amazing game. I’m really happy I got this edition and it is among one of my favorites. One day hopefully I’ll finish this game, I really want to, and maybe in the coming weeks I’ll get the Blood and Wine expansion and show off the Gwent deck that comes in that. Ill see you tomorrow with another collection but until then have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be.


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