Prepare yourself as this is going to be my biggest one yet. This is one of my favorite collections and one of the bigger ones: Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition. I paid a little extra for this one due to me getting it at the very last minute. I had to order the one that came with not only the Inquisitor’s edition of the game, but the “premium” game guide as well. However, it was well worth it.

    I love the box that this came in, it’s a nice black box that has a faded gold Inquisition symbol stamped on the front, is wrapped in a faux reptile skin, and uses a sliding lock system on the front. It’s a wonderful display piece on its own but inside it holds so many wonderful treasures. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

    Released on November 18th 2014, developed by Bioware, and produced by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age Inquisition is the third entry into the hit RPG series. The story follows a customizable character as they work to rise the Inquisition to power once again in order to stop the destruction caused by Corypheus and the “Breach” – a mysterious portal in the sky. As an action role-playing game this title takes a unique approach introducing the return of the ability to freely switch between third person action gameplay, to a top down tactical gameplay thanks to it’s tactical view mode.

    To start off this edition comes this steel book featuring once again the symbol of the Inquisition embossed on the cover. Thanks to the superb paint job the game case looks very old and worn out with various scratches on it’s surface. I’m a fan of minimalistic or simple designs and this one is perfect, no unnecessary extra flair on it, just the Inquisition symbol in simple colours etched into the front.

    Inside are a few dlc codes, one being for the Red Hart, Bog Unicorn, and armored horse mounts. A special equipment pack called the “Flames of the Inquisition Armory” that includes flaming weapons for each class and a special set if flaming Inquisitor armor. The skyhold throne, a special dragon bone throne just for the Inquisitor. Lastly a code for the digital soundtrack and various multiplayer items and loot boxes. Quite a lot of dlc to help any fledgling Inquisitor.

The Map

    A large scale RPG like Dragon Age is sure to have an impressive world map so what better way to show it off then by including a 22″ by 32″ scaled map of Thedas. This map is gorgeous, I love the color scheme used for it – it really brings out how vibrant the world is. The map shows exactly where each territory is as well as the smaller settlements within. 

    Material wise, this map once again exceeds expectations. Made from durable cloth material this map is soft to the touch as well as tough and durable to hold up well against damage. What I really like about maps like this is that they can easily be moved and draped over nearly anything and still look beautiful.

The Map Markers

    One of the main features of this collector’s edition comes in the form of these beautifully crafted map markers. There’s a total of 4 markers, each representing one of the map markers used within the game. My personal favorite marker is the castle, it’s the biggest and sturdiest one and the quality surpases the others greatly. As for the others, I have a problem with the raven falling out of its nested stand while the lion feels a bit flimsy around the mouth – not huge problems but still bother me a tad.

    The fourth item shown in the photo above is a little inquisitors badge which I use to hold the included Orlesian coins (shown later). On one side of the badge we have the symbol of the inquisitors used yet again while on the other side we have a deep red concave surface in which I use as a sort of plate for coins. It’s a nice little item to add to the whole Inquisitor look.

The Orlesian Coins

    These coins are very small but amazing to go along with the collection. Taken straight from the game is a set of 4 small coins replicated from the in-game currency that are tucked away in a semi-hidden compartment within the box – a fitting location for stashed currency. I love these coins, each one has a distinct shape to it and has painting on both sides replicating the design from the game. I don’t know if it was just my set or if all were like this but the paint on the coins was still wet and easily came off (the same issue with my dead island hula girl), but other than that the coins are great.

The Quill and Inkpot

    Once again this item is something practical straight from the game itself. I love old timey type items such as this and was delighted to discover it. The inkpot itself is made from glass with a cork stopper to finish it off, it could possibly even be used as intended. The quill is also great, it’s very soft to the touch and just like the well it’s most likely functional in some compacity. It’s just a small item in the collection but I absolutely love it, probably my favourite item in a collection ever. I’m a sucker for these types of items.

The Tarot Cards

    This replica deck of cards is a great item for anyone interested in tarot cards or just fantastic art in general. Consisting of 72 cards both of Major and Minor Arcana tarot cards, this deck has custom artwork depicting the vast mythology of the Dragon Age series.

    Some may recognize a few of the cards as the companion selection art. This deck even includes the various variant companion art which can be unlocked throughout the game. It’s cool to see each card uniquely tied to an arcana for tarot reading and still make sense within the game lore – i.e Varric and his crossbow Bianca being “The Lovers”.

    As for quality these cards are on one of the highest tiers. The cards are pretty thick and sturdy, made from cardstock to give them that kind of durability. They also have a coating on gloss over them in order to not only enhance their look but also further increase durability. The cards are the size of any standard deck and even come in a nice little pouch for keeping safe or carrying around.

    Although I know nothing about tarot cards or tarot reading I adore this deck. The artwork on them is almost breathtaking and has its own unique style. It’s a hard item to display but just knowing that I own such a wonderful item makes me happy.

The Lockpick Set

    At this point in the collection all I can say is wow. This box has a whole bunch of amazing goodies and here is another fantastic item: a scale replica of one of the Inquisition lock tool sets. This set comes with a total of six different tools used for all of your picklocking needs. The various picks come wrapped in a faux leather case which helps it look beauitul both wrapped up and fully revealed.

    The various pieces of this set are made of plastic and are not actually functional. I would of loved if it had some kind of gleam or shine to it, the plastic just looks a tad bit dull where it should look metallic. Imagine if they actually included a functional set of lockpicking tools, that would be insane. Hi it is fine just the way it is and the set is still beautiful nonetheless and works well as a display piece.

The Journal

    As we continue with this collector’s edition we come across another fantastic item, the Inquisitor’s journal. Just as with the steelbook, this journal has the simplistic design of the Inquisitor’s mark on the front – pair that with the light leather tan and this is an item that seems to jump straight out of the game. With 40 blank pages inside one could always find some creative use for this notebook – sketches, enemy notes, important landmarks, it’ll all look wonderful in this journal. Personally it serves perfectly as a display piece and fits in with my various video game journals.

The End

    I hope everyone reading enjoyed this small look into yet another part of my collection. Thank you all for taking the time to give this a read. This is definitely one of my favorite collector’s editions, each and every item is spectacular. The game itself is fantastic too, platinumed it on the Ps4 and had a blast doing so. As always I’ll see you all again tomorrow for another showcase, have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be.


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