Hello everybody and welcome! Today I bring to you one of the larger items in my collection (mainly due to the box but we’ll get to that): the Kyrat Edition of Far Cry 4. I’ve loved the absurd nature of the Far Cry series and was excited to play this one with the new hardware of the Ps4. Truth be told I actually never finished this one as so many other things came up around the same time, Dragon Age Inquisition being the big culprit. But anyways that won’t stop me from talking about it. So without further ado let’s jump in.

The Game

    An open-world first person shooter game, Far Cry 4 is the fourth main game in the series that was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft and was originally released on November 18th, 2014. As usual the game features the chaotic nature of man and nature that fans have come to known. Far Cry 4 takes place in a fictional Himalayan country where you are tossed into the middle of a civil war between the tyrant king Pagan Min and the rebels of the Golden Path. Fans this time around are treated with new outlandish ways of murdering their enemies and simply messing around in the open world. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of the title and look forward to one day finishing it.

    Also included in the Kyrat Edition is the limited edition of the game. In the limited edition are some bonus dlc story missions. Alongside the missions were a number of guest passes that would allow your friends to join in on your multiplayer shenanigans.

Map of Kyrat

    One of the items included within a hidden compartment on the box is a map of the game area of Kyrat. The map shows the locations of various outposts, radio towers, and even places in which the player can hunt animals. It’s quite handy for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the world.

    The map itself is nice quality, it’s made from a thicker type of paper material, almost like cardstock and feels nice and sturdy when held – I really like it when a map doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear apart at any moment. The map itself goes into a lot of detail with a breakdown of biomes and economic regions throughout the country of Kyrat. Posters/Maps are always an excellent addition to any collection and makes for a beautiful addition to any map wall.


    The second item within the hidden compartment is this propaganda poster. Replicated straight from the game, this poster is fantastic at showing the power that propaganda and a crazed leader can have. I love the artstyle of the poster as it seems somewhat cellshaded and combines a “happy message” with a splash of creepy to make it unsettling.

    In classic fashion with any propaganda poster this one features a happy looking citizen ripping apart a poster by the Golden Path. Used to show that the tyrant Pagan Min is their savior and that citizens are “happy” with their leader – that the traitors and rebels of the Golden Path need to be stamped out.

The Notebook


    This is by far my favorite item in this collection. Hidden away once again within the hidden compartment was this wonderful journal. It’s an absolute beauty with it’s faux leather binding and being tied all together with a leather strap and tiny metallic kukri. The cover is textured as well with an embossed emblem of an elephant – an important feature to the game and region. The pages within are all blank and have a slight weathered look to them to give that extra boost of authenticity.

    I love getting notebooks within these collectors editions, especially when they are such high quality as this one. I absolutely love the addition of the kukri at the end to tie off the journal, it’s both aesthetically pleasing and unique at the same time. Strangely enough, even the pages have a wonderful look to them, however personally I could never deface such a beauty.

The Statue

    Here it is, the spotlight for this entire collection. The beautifully painted statue of Pagan Min – there he is, the main antagonist of the story, the tyrant ruler over Kyrat, perched upon his glorious elephant throne and surrounded with all kinds of weaponry. He looks like he’s even plotting what he may do next to come out on top. The statue is quite great itself, it’s a piece that portrays the antagonist in his most evil nature. The elephant throne gives it that extra push to make it a unique piece – with all of the little intricate designs carved into it and the surrounding weaponry.

    I love this statue but moreso the box in which it came in. As the above picture shows, the box folds out into a beautiful snow capped Himalayan mountain landscape with a menacing kukri and lantern perfectly in view. Inside the box is a place perfect for displaying the statue of Pagan Min, pair the box and statue together and you have quite a display piece. My only gripe with it is the size, it’s far too large to display anywhere without taking a huge chunk away from anything else. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful addition to my collection and I’m quite happy to have it in my possession.

The End

    I hope you guys enjoyed this look into another part of my collection. A lot of games came out the same day as Far Cry 4, most of which I have the special edition for, so expect them to come out over the next few days. So, for tomorrow I’m going to be sharing my favorite collector’s edition, the beautiful Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition. As always thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you enjoyed yourself, until tomorrow, have a wonderful evening.


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