Hello everyone. Recently I have acquired another version of the collector’s edition for The Order 1886 (you can check out P.1 Here). Ever since I discovered that another version existed I really wanted it but could never find. The other day while I was at a local GameStop, as I was leaving the store I spotted a box on a shelf and thought to myself “Oh that must be a collector’s edition of something cool, I should check that out”. I went back to my purchase and as I was about to head out I stopped to take a quick look. To my suprise it was the version of The Order 1886 that I had been after. I quickly grabbed it to look it over and realized something very interesting, it was on clearance – I suppose it was something they found in the back that nobody came to claim. The sticker said it was $50 which was a slight burn but as the cashier rang me out for whatever reason it only came up as a used copy of the game – making the grand total only $20, lucky me. So that’s the short story of how this came about and how I got it for so cheap. With that said and without further ado, let’s jump in.

The Game

    Developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, The Order 1886 was originally released on February 20th, 2015. It featured a third person shooting mechanic as it’s main focus as you lead an alternate reality captain on his fight against the Lycanthrope threat of 1886. The Order 1886 is infamous for it’s short gameplay and story – however, it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played on the system.

    In lieu of a standard game case this version of the of the game came inside of a steelbook that is beautiful. I did notice however that this version of the steelbook is plastic compared to the metallic Premium Edition case – not too big of a deal as I already own it but nonetheless important to include. Beside the game there were a few other goodies tucked within the case. There was a dlc code which included both a digital copy of the soundtrack along with the Knights Arsenal pack – a nice starting boost. Along with all the promotional inserts and such was a sticker sheet that features the coat of arms for our main characters. As I already own the game and the much nicer steelbook I view this as more of a display piece more than anything – besides I love the design of it so why not.

The Statue

    Now, the main reason I wanted this version of The Order 1886 was for this amazing statue. “Galahad Under Fire” is a 7 inch tall PVC statue that as the name would imply, features a Galahad under enemy fire and crouched behind a crumbling wall. I honestly like this one’s pose over the premium version, both statues are amazingly detailed but the small scale of this one gives it a special little something extra.

    What I really love about this piece is the amount of detail put into it. Usually when you try and replicate something life-like it has a high chance of crossing that uncanny valley and becoming a horrible mess. This is not the case with Galahad. The quality of the mold along with the excellent paint work almost make it seem like a scene straight out of the video game. Just by looking at it you could easily imagine a tense standoff against enemy forces as Galahad holds his position. A proud addition to my collection of statues.

The End

    Although this edition doesn’t necessarily come with as many items as some do, the overall quality of the included item is amazing. I am one of the few that actually liked this game and I’m more than happy to have another statue to go along with my small collection of The Order 1886. So, did you guys enjoy this game? Be sure to let me know your thoughts. I’ll see you tomorrow with another piece and until then, have a wonderful evening.


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