Collection Corner: Dragon Quest Heroes

Hello everybody, today I bring to you one of the collector’s edition I have purchased as a kind of spur of the moment type thing. I guess I should of done more research into it beforehand as when I bought the game I was expecting a classic Dragon Quest game with the trademark classic combat and everything else. Sadly I noticed the Koei Tecmo logo too late and was treated with their usual combat deaign. Even though it was not what I was expecting this collector’s edition is none the less pretty nice.

The Game

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below was originally released October 13, 2015 and was developed by Omega Force and produced by Square Enix. As I said earlier, the gameplay is the traditional hack and slash of any other Koei Tecmo games such as Dynasty Warriors. Included in the collection was the day one edition of the game. This version came with a few slime themed weapons for various characters as well as a few other small items.

The Keychain & Lanyard

Some of the smaller items in this collection are the keychain and a themed lanyard. Featuring the iconic slime in a translucent plastic, the keychain is actually pretty neat and serves as a small trinket. The lanyard is perfect for any Dragon Quest fan as it features various creatures from across the series.

The Slime Plush

Included in the collection is this tiny slime Plushie. The slime is the classic Dragon Quest mascot and the plushie model of it is only a few inches tall but made from quality material. As it does not take up too much room, it adds a nice little touch to any collection, adding a fun element to everything with its goofy smile.

The Cloth Poster

This is probably the best item in the entirety of collection. This poster is made of cloth and features the game’s main cover artwork. It’s about the size of a standard poster and as mentioned is made up of a very soft cloth material.  Due to the material it is crafted from, it’s extremely easy to show off pretty much anywhere I choose. Weither it’s draped over something or actually hung up this poster looks amazing with its Dragon Quest artwork.

The Treasure Chest

My favorite part about this entire collection is the way it came packaged. All of the above items comes nicely tucked away in a replica treasure chest from in game. The chest is an amazing display piece and actually serves as the perfect place to display the entire collection.

The End

I apologize that I did not have too much to say about this collection, it’s just a very small collection and doesn’t have anything too special in it. I haven’t played too much of the game itself as I have just finished Dynasty Warriors 8 and I’m worn out on the gameplay it offers. Once again I’ll see you all tomorrow with another piece of my collection. I hope you found some enjoyment with this and as always have wonderful day/night whever you may be.

– Trey

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