The Game

    An HD remaster of (in my opinion) some of the best games in the series, this collection includes Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix, as well as an HD theatre mode for the cutscenes that were featured in Kingdom Hearts RE:coded. Released December 2, 2014(NA) this collection was a nice hold over before another collection (which should be released late 2016) is released as well as the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Included in this collector’s edition is a very nice steel book featuring art from the games included. On one side we have some of the Organization XIII members as well as some of the main cast from Kingdom Hearts 2. On the reverse side we have the remaining Organization XIII members as well as some of the main cast from Kingdom Hearts RE:coded. The quality of the steel book itself is very nice and the art fills the entirety of the case, giving a very nice look to it. This collection also includes a copy of the original Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix, which has Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Re: Chain of Memories, and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This collection is impressive with the inclusion of 4 games and 2 theatre modes.

The Collector’s Pin

    Commemorating the 10th release in the franchise comes this commemorative pin featuring some cute and playful artwork. On the face of the pin we have a beautifully engraved detailing of Sora and Mickey back to back as well as the Disney and Square Enix logos. This pin does a fantastic job at showing just how much the two studios have achieved together.

    The pin itself is pretty big and quite hefty for it’s size, which makes sense seeing as both characters are featured along with the lettering for the title and the Kingdom Hearts logo. I really like this piece and if I ever have a big enough pin collection or somewhere to actually display it, this thing will definitely go front and center.

The Artbook

    Another amazing artbook featuring stunning artwork that features not only characters but also a few of the amazing environments that are within the various games. Once you delve into the book you are instantly treated with a inside look of characters, villains, and a few levels.

    Featuring both concept and final art for almost every character this book is truely a wonder to look at and enjoy some nice artwork of your favourite characters.

   As for the quality of the actual book, I was just a tad bit dissapointed. It has a very weak paper dust jacket covering it, every time I pick it up it feels like it wants to rip. However, I do appreciate the design of the jacket, it is gorgeous and has a vintage book styling to it.

    However, there is one interesting “easter egg” that lies hidden underneath the folds of the cover. On both the back and front covers there are some concept sketches of the main protagonist Sora.

The Heartless Plush

    Standing at about 13″ tall, we have the best piece of this whole collection, the well stitched Shadow Heartless Plushie. I love this little guy and I currently have him sitting on a corner of one of my display shelves. From top to bottom he is perfect and suprisingly a tad bit soft, then you have those bright yellow eyes that stare off into the distance. This little guy is just an amazing collectible.

The End

    I hope you enjoyed a little look at part of my collection today. I propose a question to you today, what’s your favourite Kingdom Hearts game in the series? My personal favourite is Birth by Sleep, amazing characters and different points of view that branch the story out are always my favourite types of stories. I’ll see you all again tomorrow for another collection, until then have a great day/night wherever you may be.


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