So recently, I finally got around to  playing the demo for the classic Ps2 game: Odin Sphere and I had a blast reliving one of my favourite games of my childhood. Welcome to my first thoughts on post, I hope you find some enjoyment out of it.

The Gameplay

As anyone who has ever played the original Ps2 version they would know just how addicting and fast paced the combat in the game is. This is no exception for this demo. As I was playing I felt that the skills had a somewhat nice flow to it, you could just feel that your hits were connecting each time you would strike the enemy.

The combos are as fun as always. Running in there and starting a combo, leading into juggling the enemies in the air felt very nice and the combos were never really hard to pull off. One thing that did annoy me is that some were too easy to pull off and I kept triggering them by accident, although this can be fixed easily by the custom combo menu, although I am too lazy to actually change it for a demo.

The Look, The Sound

This game was absolutely gorgeous way back on the Ps2, the hand drawn visuals and the amazing soundtrack it had were the best for that console age. Now for the demo, it brings back that magical sense but now in so much more in HD! The visuals look so much crisper and allows the game to push more vibrant environments and textures.

This demo does a good job at showing a lot of the environments you would explore in the full game as well as some enemies you could come across. Going from level to level, each comes along with it new environments, new enemies, and new treasures giving the player a taste of everything. This quick demo gives old players some nostalgia as well as inticing new players to the game.

The Characters

Not much said here, every character played through the same levels regardless of who you picked, all that was really in the demo was how they played.

My personal favourite, Velvet was the funniest for me to play. Her combos felt nice and chained together very well, her skills felt great, she just felt as an all around great character. Not to mention that she is beautiful in the new HD visuals in the demo. Her attacks include medium range whip attacks as well as a few DOT fire attacks and grab attacks.

My next favourite character would have to be Gwendolyn. Seen as the main character of the game to most, her attacks consisted of mid to close range lunging type attacks. I enjoyed her flurry of stabs as well as the ice attacks she possed, made for good combos to quickly wipe the screen of enemies.

Mercedes, she was a difficult one for me to play. Even though I love range based characters most of the time, I found that playing her was a bit of a challenge. I constantly ran out of power points to even use her basic attacks and often found myself fleeing from the battle to recoup. Despite that, it felt nice when I could just walk through a hall of enemies laying waste to them with her powerful crossbow. Her combos and skills weren’t anything too special, just a series of blasts and line attacks to easily take out a row of enemies.

Oswald was another hard character for me to get used to. I did not personally enjoy his combos included in this demo, mainly just slashing attacks. He did however have the feature where he could go into berserk mode and get stronger, doing more damage with his attacks.

Lastly we have Cornelius, my least favourite. This little furball has always been an annoyance to me, with his annoying twirling drill attack that I kept accidently triggering. I recall back on the Ps2 doing a sort of bouncing attack which I could not figure out how to do in this demo, but hopefully it is explained more in the full release. His combos and skills mainly revolves around AOE spark attacks and spinning attacks.

Included below is my gameplay with each and every character.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Demo Gameplay

Post Thoughts

In the end, I really enjoyed this demo and I played through it with each and every character. I will be getting the story book edition and posting my thoughts on that once it comes out so look forward to that. If anyone would like to see a review or a thoughts on the full release let me know. Thanks for the read and have a great evening.

– Trey

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