Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favourite game series, so today I figured I’d bring to you a small part of my Kingdom Hearts collection. This game was one of the main reasons that I had bought my 3DS and I do not regret it one bit, it gave me another chance to catch up on the series before the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts 3. So without further ado here is the collection.

The Game

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, was developed and published by Square Enix themself and originally released on July 31st, 2012 (NA). The game is a fantastic action role-playing game with a plot that revolves around two of the series main protagonists: Sora and Riku as they work to complete their mark of Mastery exams for the supposed battle against Xehanort that will take place (hopefully) in the third iteration of the main series. 

    Gameplay takes notes from Birth by Sleep and feels very nice to play, introducing new enemy types as well as a new partner/monster to the series, the dream eaters. I do not remember too much of the game as it’s been a very long time, but I did enjoy what I played of it.

The Case

    Included in this collector’s edition is the special 10th anniversary collector’s case plate for the original 3DS model. It is a bit scratched up as I have used it frequently as the main plating for my 3DS. However this thing is still wonderful, featuring the two main protagonists from the game as well as a nice design for the lettering, this case is beautiful. 

    I personally have a dark purple 3DS model and the dark tones of the case look wonderful against the purple, although I’m sure it’d look better in a lighter coloured device, as to allow room for the designs to “pop”.

The Art Cards

    I love these things, plain and simple. Each card showcases amazing art from each title in the series including the final mixes and side stories. They are each crafted with a high quality card stock material, making them sturdy and easy to display in my art collection.

    I cannot speak enough praises for the artwork done on these cards. They are fantastic and emulates the tone of each game perfectly, giving you a feel of what you are about you experience. Personally I love the Birth by Sleep cards as its my favourite game in the series and has fantastic art of all three characters. Other than that I love the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix card as it has a ort of eater colour aesthetic to it and seems to have and lot of meaning in its symbolism.

The AR Cards

    These cards take advantage of one of the new and cool features of the 3DS system; the AR card reader. Hidden within each of these cards is an adorable creature knowm as a “Dream Eater” from within the game. They allow you to play around with these little creatures and let you see them in the wonderful full view 3D that the device is capable. You are able to name these creatures and also even use them as partners within the game.

    My favourite and probably the cutest dream eater is the R & R seal. I enjoyed messing around with the little guy and using him in game.

The Collector’s Box

    Featuring two very nice pieces of artwork, this box is what holds everything in this edition together. The box itself has a beautiful black finish both around and inside of it, a very nice touch if you ask me. On each side of the box there is fantastic art of our main characters from the game. I find the contrasting themes and colours give it a very nice “ying and yang” feel. A very nice display piece among my collection.

The End

    Thanks for taking the time and giving this a read. Even though the whole collection is rather small, I really do enjoy the artwork Included and it makes a very nice display piece once all together. A great collection for a great game. I’ll see you tomorrow with another collection. Have a great day/night wherever you may be.

– Trey

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