Overwatch Collector’s Edition

    Well, at last my package for one of the most over-hyped(deserving) games in recent memory has finally arrived. It was killing me having to wait the few extra days to get it, with everyone around me constantly playing it and always talking about it, I really just couldn’t stand it. So without further ado here is the collector’s edition for one of the greatest games so far this year, Overwatch!

The Game

    What do I really have to say about the game? Just about everyone at this point has either heard of it or probably even owns it themself, it could very well be game of the year already with all the hype and fans surrounding it. Anyways, the game was developed and published by Blizzard. The plot revolves around a future setting where a robot revolution began and was quickly brought to an end by a new organization named “Overwatch”. However after the years they began being accused for many criminal activities and attacks, thus leading to the disbanding of the group. Years later the watch has been called again, and it is now our job to help this battle.

    Now as for this steel book, oh man is it amazing, once I pulled it out of the box I was filled to the brim with joy, marveling over just how gorgeous it was. First you are treated with a lovely picture of the hero Tracer on a nicely white shaded side of the case, whilst on the reverse side you are treated with a nice black shaded Reaper portrait. The quality of the case is very top quality, which is of course something to be expected from Blizzard. Not only is the outside beautiful, it also has a nice coating of Orange inside of the case, showing off the games main colours scheme.

The Collector’s Badge

    This little guy wasn’t actually part of the collector’s edition I ordered, it was just a little side collectible that I had purchased from a Target for about $5. Despite being pretty cheap for a limited item, this thing is actually pretty nice. It’s nothing too fancy or intrusive, just a little pin you can put just about anywhere, packaged in a very nice Overwatch branded collectible tin box.

The Postcards

    I honestly forgot these things were included in this special edition baxk when I ordered it, but once I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised with a very large stack of wonderful artwork. 

    Each card has unique and stunning art work, showcasing key structures from within every level from game, whether it be an important landscape shot or some important buildings in the area. These cards come printed on a very thick and durable card-stock type paper and seem to hold up very well. 

    The art quality of the “paintings” as well as the quality of the cards make them such a beautiful collection. On the reverse side they have a little space in which someone could write something just like you would with a true postcard. It’s truely amazing.

The Artbook

    I have to say, one of this games greatest aspects has got to be it’s wonderful artwork and designs for characters and what not. The game is just so beautiful and something unique that we all needed. 

    Included in this artbook as shown above are some various artwork for each character as well as a little information on their weapons and skills. The book also includes some backstory as well as other various concept artwork, the quality of which are very nice.

The Soundtrack

    Personally I have not yet really given the soundtrack a listen. I believe it just includes longer versions of the intro songs at the start of every level and probably at a slightly higher quality. If so, I cannot wait to give it a listen as I love all the little intro song clips they have for the levels.

The Statue

    Now for the bulk of this collection, literally. This thing was 90% of the entire weight for the box, the wonderful Soldier 76 statue. Standing at a very tall and nice height of 13″, with very nice yet simple detailing on 76 himself. The base makes up the bulk of the weight, giving it a very nice and sturdy feel to it, you know it’ll never fall over or tip in any way. The pose that he is sculpted in does not take up a lot of space and fits in nicely with other parts of my collection. Just an all around well sculpted statue.

The End

    So far I’m really enjoying what I have played of the game. It may just be a game of the year contender. Have you guys started your watch yet? Let me know what you think. I’ll see you tomorrow with another part of my collection.

– Trey

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