Today I am happy to bring to you, one of my favourite parts of my collection. My Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition!

    The original box art for this game is beautiful, however I found the reverse side of the game case to be even more impressive with its amazing vintage styled look to it, so that’s what I went with to display this wonderful game.

    The Bioshock series had always been on my top list of favourites and I remember I was hyped for the third installment and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The game itself was met with somewhat mixed reviews, some critics saying game of the year, some saying it was lacked what previous titles had. For my short impressions of the game, I personally enjoyed my time with it, taking the series from the ocean to the skies was interesting to see, the new skyhook mechanics provided the player with great views of the flying city. 

Gameplay was decent, attacks with the skyhook felt heavy and left an impact the players could feel, and the usage of the various vigors in game gave many combat choices. I’d give the game probably a 8.5/10.

    Alright then, first item up, the murder of Crows keychain, based on the vigor of the same name from the game. This little trinket is a nice little hand painted collectible of the Murder of Crows vigor. The actual keychain and chain parts are made of a nice brass material and seems very durable. The detailing on the crow itself looks wonderful, showing off its hand painted style.

    This little guy was an exclusive to the ultimate songbird edition. It is an early prototype for the figures that werw to be included in their (at the time) upcoming board game. Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve played this title that I forgot they were going to make a board game and I don’t really know much about. Regardless, this little guy is a nice piece to my Bioshock collection.

    Next up, we have an art print based on a poster in the game. This lithograph printing is for the propaganda poster, advertising the Devil’s Kiss vigor. This little poster itself is made of a thicker card-stock type material making it very durable for display. The artwork was done by one of the games artists and it really shows, almost a lifelike replica from the game.

    Oh hey look, another beautiful artbook to add to my collection. I love this book, everything about it, the cover is just amazing, the art is beautiful, the material from which it’s crafted from, everything is just hands down wonderful with this book. 

    The book consists of mostly pages containing early concept art for many of the characters, the landscapes, designs for enemies, vigor ideas and early art, and weapon concepts. The outside is made from a kind of linen material, giving the cover a very nice and soft touch to it, that along with the Columbia logo and design makes this a fantastic addition to my artbook collection, absolutely one of my favourites.

Above: Some of my favourite pages from the artbook, showcasing early designs for Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, as well as a few vigors.

    Drum roll please, and now ladies and gentlemen, time for the treasure of this whole package: the one and only, the beautiful, the wonderful, Songbird Statue! I loved the way this beauty came packaged, stored away in its vintage styled toy box. I could never actually bring myself to take the statue out of its box, I just loved it’s look too much to do it, I had to keep it nice and pristine. The whole vintage design is something I really love, including the statue in this way was a great way to compliment the games tone and style, something I am very happy to own.

    Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this look at one of my personal favourite parts of my collection. Let me know what you think and let me know what you would like to see from me. To everyone reading have a wonderful evening.

– Trey

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