The Order 1886 Premium Edition

    Hello everyone today I bring you a part of my collection that is  from one of the most beautiful games created thus far, The Order 1886. A few things about the game first. This is one of the games I have actually completed, as well as also having the platinum trophy for the title. Now, I know tons of people out there didn’t like this game and I understand why, the gameplay was lacking, the story was not really there, and the entire game itself was very short. However there is absolutely no argument that this game is absolutely gorgeous.

    Let’s start out with the steel book that contains the game. It has a very nice gray colour scheme and the simplicity of its design with just a simple logo and title of the game this case has a very clean look to it, it fits in very well to the games tone and theme. It has a nice weight to it and the material in which it is molded from is very high quality. I think the true beauty of this book is just how simple it is, sure it doesn’t have any special artwork that stands out but it’s clean look makes it look good with any collection of items.

    Next up we have the artbook for this title. As I stated earlier the shining feature of this game is it’s stunning artwork and visuals, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful games I have ever played this console generation. The book itself is only about 20 or so pages, showcasing the art of the main characters, the werewolves, and a few of the weaponry from the game. The sketches and concepts shown in these pages are of very high quality of course and show off some of the most beautiful aspects from within the game. The rest of the book is actually a hidden compartment that holds our next item.

    This little beauty is what the rest of the artbook contains. Hidden in the very back of the book is a little compartment that once opened reveals a nice little trinket from the games lore. This item is called a black water vial necklace and is an item from in-game that the main characters use for its healing properties. This item is of very nice quality, it is pretty heavy and features a tiny little lid that can be screwed off and filled with anything you want, making it a nice little cosplay tool if one would want to fill it with black water and dress up all steampunk like to match the games theme.

    Now for the highlight, this beautiful statue featuring Sir Galahad mid battle with one of the lycanthropes of the game. Standing at around 12″ tall, this statue is amazing. It captures such an amazing scene, just looking at it you can envision the battle taking place, with the lycanthrope ready to swing and with Galahad falling from a balcony with rifle at hand ready to fire at any moment. Along with being 12″ tall this thing is also very wide, with it featuring 2 characters which is usually rare. The quality of the paint job is top notch, the blood tipped claws of the lycanthrope, the ragged hair of the beast, even the folds in Galahads jacket all bring this statue to life.

    Well, I hope you all enjoyed my impressions on this part of my collection, it truly is a beautiful piece and one of my favourites. I have a lot more to come so stayed tuned and thank you for your time.

– Trey

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