Doom Collector’s Edition

    Another recent addition to my collection comes the collector’s edition of the 2016 reboot of Doom from id and Bethesda.

    To start off we have the steelbook that holds the game. Nothing too special here, just some nice artwork from the collectors edition box on the front and back with embossed textures. It has a decent weight to it, nothing too special to remark on it. All together nothing too special to make it stand out, but I do love me some steelbooks. 

    Next up we have these very nice foil cards which I believe were a gamestop exclusive. These cards have great artwork of some of the demons from within the game. Although a minor complaint I have of them is they feel weird to the touch, and a bit too reflective for my taste, but hey they are foil cards so I suppose that is to be expected. Other than that I love the look they have to them and the little description they give of each demon on the back is a nice little touch.

    Now for the best part of this edition, the highlight of the box, the Doom poster boy demon: the Revenant statue. Standing at about 12″ tall this bad boy is absolutely amazing. The detailing on this is pretty nice, it has a glossy look to eyes and amazing detailing on the organs you can see hanging from the body. It has a nice little feature in the form of a red LED light from its base along with a slow moving fan, giving it a nice little creepy vibe when lights out, a sort of strobe light effect.

   Now, I have not played too much of the story for this game yet, however I am really enjoying the fast paced gameplay of the multiplayer that I’ve played quite a bit of with a friend. All in all this special edition is a very nice edition to my ever growing collection.

– Trey

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