Valkyria Chronicles (Ps4) Special Edition

    So why not start my first post off with a recent item I have acquired for my ever growing collection. This game was one of my first for the Ps3 a few years back and I instantly fell in love with the cel shaded graphics and how the environments seemed as if they were paintings that came to life before my very eyes, I can’t wait to see how they look on this remaster. Squad based strategy games have always been a genre I’ve had an interest in, and this game is no disappointment. With this remaster comes every dlc released for the title and personally I have never played the dlc so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot in this remastered version. The story for this game is simply great, with a diverse selection of characters and classes as well as the conflicts you face with your new friends makes this story one of the best for its time. This game is definitely worth a pick up if you have never played it, and at a $30 price point there is no reason not to.

    Now for what’s so special about this special edition, it’s all about the collectors edition steel book. The Squad 7 based artwork is just amazing, the full spread of it when opened looks amazing. The steel book also has a good heft to it(which I love from a steelbook), and with no instruction manual or any other slide in pamphlets it has a very clean look, although I usually enjoy such things.

    I may or may not have a full review for the game for those interested at some point if I ever get around to playing it. I have a huge backlog of games to play. Let me know what you think below and thanks for the read.

– Trey

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